Who we Are

Hi! I am Gustavo Giles, the owner of Public Libraries In the United States. I live in the City of Kenner, Louisiana.

My team and I strive to distribute content concerning different topics. We prioritize in teaching students about various topics including health, science and technology, and economics.

If you have any questions about this website, feel free to contact me or my team through the contact page.

What is Public Libraries In the United States?

Public Libraries In the United States is a website that serves as an e-learning platform for different kinds of students.

We have a large collection of online books, journals, research resources, and lessons covering health, science and technology, and economics.

Ultimately, we want students all around the world to learn about things that they can learn in school. What’s great is that they do not need to go out of their house to do it.

With our content on different topics and still expanding, even people who are not studying anymore can learn at the comfort of their home.

The Problem

While we help students learn about different topics, it is easy for them to learn because they are used to the learning environment.

That’s why our problem is not with students, but with adults. When we finish our education, we start thinking that it’s time to move into the world of work.

However, the learning structure that you once had in your childhood won’t be gone forever. Although you can already forge your own professional path, the learning process is only beginning.

Our Goal

I designed this website in a way for both educators and students (youngsters and adults) alike to learn easier. We compiled different lessons from different sources, physical and digital, to bring the best learning experience to both parties.

If this website is for you, feel free to subscribe to receive regular updates for every addition to our collection of blog posts. Let us be your partner in learning and education. Our goal is to make education available for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge!